Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day Special - Air Plants Sales

Below are our Photos & Product Codes of our AIR PLANTS, in different angles.

Air Plants on Big Stone (Code : AP-BS)

(Kindly provide Quantity & Names on ordering,
pls limit to
8~10 characters)

Air Plants on Fancy Snail Shell
(Code : AP-FSS)

Air Plants on Gong Gong (Snail) Shell
(Code : AP-GG)

(Kindly provide Quantity & Names on ordering,
pls limit to

Hanging Types

Air Plants on Fancy Snail Shells (Hang)
(Code : AP-FSS-H)

Air Plants on Small Snails Shell (Hang)
(Code : AP-SSS-H

(Kindly provide Quantity & Messenges on ordering)

Special Price for
Mother's Day :
S$6 per item

(Whilst Stock Last & Only for orders received before :
9 May 2008 - 12noon)

Collection Points :
Kovan MRT Station
Near Bugis MRT Station

Remember to provide the Product Codes, Quantity, and
names/messages (if any) and send orders to :

Email : martin@moneytree.sg

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Chiu Hwa said...

Simple steps to enjoy your Air Plant.

1. Try to learn their names. Tillandsia Brachycoulas for instance. Go to the site and browse the galleries. Contact me with your senders email address and I can probably tell you exactly what you received. Sorry I haven't gotten tags yet but will on all plants in the new year.

2. Choose a container. Do not use a clay pot, or a deep receptacle unless you fill it up with something like marbles, pebbles or shells. The plant has to have air circulation on all parts of it and should never sit in a wet container. Get creative. You can literally use anything except copper and I don't suggest anything that can rust.

3. If you see unsightly roots, cut them off. I sometimes leave roots on if I think the plant would do better hanging. You can use fishing line to tie around the root, attach a hook to the other end and hang anywhere there is bright light or indirect sun light.

4. The tips of the airplants can be cut if they are brown on the ends, broken, or otherwise unsightly from shipping.

5. The most important thing to remember is that they like their bath at least once a week. Soak upside down, shake gently afterward to remove the water from between their leaves, put back in the light and enjoy.

Chiu Hwa said...

Simple Facts about Air Plants

* Air plants are known as epiphytes...plants that absorb what they need from the air through their leaves, not through their roots.
* They are unusually hardy, surviving temeraptures from 35 to 120 degrees.
* They are able to tolerate long periods without water, but it is also difficult to overwater them.
* They do not need direct sun.
* Their flowering process is very colorful...Some airplants turn pink, red or orange prior to blooming.
* After blooming the plants reproduce 1-8 offspring from the side of the mother, which can later be separated.
* You can put them in anything...seashells, teacups, empty vases, driftwood...many people like to hang them on fishing line. These truly are a perfect gift for plant lovers and for people who can't grow anything.

Chiu Hwa said...

More tips to groom Air Plants

* Airplants love bright and a good long bath in clean water.
* Once a week, submerge plant in water, put in before dinner, take out after.
* If the air is very dry in your home, you can leave them under water for 3 to 4 hours.
* Wetting the flower (bloom) itself is good, but leave it above water when soaking it for hours.
* They will tolerate city water, but will bloom sooner and give more offset (new plants) without chemicals.
* Use rain, spring or bottled water for the best results. Well water is excellent, as long as it is not going through a softener.
* Do not use Miracle-Grow on airplants. You can use any orchid food or Peters All Purpose once a month half strength. Mix in water, and give them a bath as usual.
* A few hours of early morning or late afternoon sun is OK, but not hot dried mid-day sun. Bright light is excellent.
* If the leaves start to "tube" (close) it is a sign of dehydration...it means "soak me longer".
* Allow plant to dry before placing in a hole.