Sunday, October 4, 2009

School Holiday Programs Nov & Dec 2009

School Holiday Enrichment Programmes for kids & teens

MoneyTree Singapore brings you 2-day Fast Track Workshops for Junior Level (9 to 13 years old) and Apprentice Level (14 to 18 years) during the upcoming November & December 2009 School Holiday.

If you kids have already gone through other motivational workshops or other academic-based courses, and they think this is similar, how wrong can you be.

We run one of the highly charged workshops, where students get to use our MoneyTree Currency (MTC) money, where they will earn money by answering questions and being paid a Salary for the job they hold in our workshop.

They get to learn entrepreneur's mindset, 3-pillars of wealth, the history of money, Rule of 72, investment tools, and much more.

If you have problems getting your kids to read, listen to the news, or getting them to save for a rainy day, well, our students get a glimpse of what's install for them in the future, and we get many parents coming to tell us how their child are starting to do stuffs that they would not normally do.

Secondary 1 student starting reading biographies of famous entrepreneurs, stopping impulse buying habits, stopping gaming with friends to concentrate on their studies.

These and many more amazing stories are testimonies given by our students and parents, and you can find them on our web-sites :

Junior Level (Age 9 to 13 yr)

Junior Level 1A - 23 & 24 November 2009 (Mon & Tues)
Junior Level 1B - 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2009 (Mon & Tues)
Junior Level 2A - 7 & 8 December 2009 (Mon & Tues)
Junior Level 2B - 14 & 15 December 2009 (Mon & Tues)

Apprentice Level (Age 14 to 18 yr)

Apprentice Level 1A - 23 & 24 November 2009 (Mon & Tues)
Apprentice Level 1B - 7 & 8 December 2009 (Mon & Tues)

Venue : SCWO Centre - Waterloo Street (Singapore)
Time : 9.30 am to 5.00 pm (daily)

(Contact us to inquire other timings for workshops)

Apprentice Level workshops get more stocks simulation sessions too.

Do visit our web-site (
or search for MoneyTree Singapore in to view more video clips and testimonies.

Sign up your kids Today!

Contact : Martin Lee (+65-9641-8073) -

P.S. If you have young kids (age 6 to 8 years), sign them up for our weekly 1-hour workshops at just $25 per lesson - MoneyTree Basic Program

Next Class starting on 8 November 2009 (Sun) 2pm - 3pm - Bishan Community Club.

Friday, September 12, 2008

School Holiday Enrichment Programmes - MoneyTree Singapore Programme

School Holiday Enrichment Programmes

Exams are round the corner, and every soon school holiday are here again.

Looking for good programmes for your children/kids? But the children are not enthusiastic about "more" courses as they have been studying the whole year through, and wanted a good break.

How about consider a course or workshops that's going to be FUN filled, and yet teaches them something valuable?

MoneyTree Programme for Kids/Teens aged 9 years to 22 years old.

We teaches kids & teens about financial education through an fun and interactive workshops.

In a world where many young adults age 30 years and below are getting into debts, especially credit cards debts, it is very important that we start to teach our children the right Money habits and also to help them understand the various investments instruments that are available to them when they go to college or university.

Don't take our word for it, come for our next Parenting Workshop to know :
"How to Develop Financial Savvy Kids" in Singapore

Parents attend the workshop and the kids will have a lesson about Money Matters. MoneyTree Currency (MTC) money to be used during the session, and the kids will use it for an Auction at the end of the session.

The last Parenting workshop we have kids winning MP4 player - what will be the TOP Prize this time round?

Dates :
* 20 Sept (Saturday) - 2.30pm to 4.30pm
* 21 Sept (Sunday) - 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Venue : SCWO Centre - Waterloo Street

Register with : Martin Lee
Email to : or SMS to 9641-8073

Information needed : Yr Name & Contact Number, Number of Kids & their
ages who is attending the Workshop.

You can also visit our web-site :

BOOK NOW to reserve your seats TODAY !!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Money Tree Singapore - Financial Education Importance

Money Tree Singapore - a financial education program that's taking root in Singapore scene, and making an impact to many kids (9 to 22 years old).

Some parents asked if their kids (usually age 12 yrs & below) are too young to learn about Money.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself & your kids :-

1) What is your Money Habits? What's your child's
Money Habits?
-- (E.g. Are you the type who worried that money is not enough and you are ever watchful of your spending? or You are able to make the money that you will spend,
and usually don't think too much about what you spend - as long as it is not above a certain amount (limit)?)

2) Does your child has the habit of putting aside money before spending?
-- Or he/she will only save if there are leftovers from their pocket money?

3) Does your child bother about how much price differences between different places of the common items they usually buy - Like the cost of a packet of Potato Chips, Drinks, Sweets, stationary, etc..... if they are purchasing it at the School Canteen or Bookshops, Departmental Stores, Convenient stores (7-Eleven or Cheers), shops at their housing estates, restaurants, etc.

Or when they want it, they just "insists" you buy for them or they'll pay for it themselves?

4) Do you show your child your credit cards bills, utility bills, phone bills, and other bills every month?

5) Do you talk to your child about Money?

If the answers to most of the answers are NO, then it's time that you may want to know more about the reasons behind the above questions raised.

My 8yr old daughter, Michelle, saves up
and brought her money to church to donate every week. She asked regularly when she's going for the next MoneyTree Workshops.

She learned about Demand & Supply during the MoneyTree Workshop, and asked when do other people learned about these concepts.

For the older kids (especially the teens), ask them the following questions :-

1) Do they understand what are Assets & Liabilities?
-- Are they able to give examples?

2) Do they know what's the different ways that wealth can be generated?

3) Are they too young to have a good business idea?
If they do have, how would they go about to develop it further and to test out if there's a real need for them for their Products or Services?

4) Do they know the differences between the different investment tools, ie Stocks & Shares, Forex, Options and Mutual funds?

5) Do they know the difference between Unit Trusts & Mutual Funds?

6) What's the thing they got more than other working adults, especially those above their 40s?

7) Define Financial Freedom and Passive Income?

If your kids don't know most of these, it's important that you should consider to let them get started with a Financial Education or Financial Literacy lessons.

Don't leave it to chance for your kids, request for a Test Kit for your child, to test them on Financial Literacy.

Send an email request to me, and I'll rush you this TEST KIT, and also a Recommended Book List for Parents on how to you can get your Kids started on their road in Financial Literacy.

Give them a Head Start .....

Email the following information to :

Subject : MoneyTree Singapore - TEST KIT
Your Name, Contact & Email Address.
Number of Children :
>>>>> For Each Child : their Name, Sex & Age

Martin Lee
MoneyTree Singapore

Sunday, May 11, 2008

MoneyTree's Team making Air Plants

More Air Plants & the MoneyTree's Team hard at Work :-

The "Green" Movement

More Photos

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day Special - Air Plants Sales

Below are our Photos & Product Codes of our AIR PLANTS, in different angles.

Air Plants on Big Stone (Code : AP-BS)

(Kindly provide Quantity & Names on ordering,
pls limit to
8~10 characters)

Air Plants on Fancy Snail Shell
(Code : AP-FSS)

Air Plants on Gong Gong (Snail) Shell
(Code : AP-GG)

(Kindly provide Quantity & Names on ordering,
pls limit to

Hanging Types

Air Plants on Fancy Snail Shells (Hang)
(Code : AP-FSS-H)

Air Plants on Small Snails Shell (Hang)
(Code : AP-SSS-H

(Kindly provide Quantity & Messenges on ordering)

Special Price for
Mother's Day :
S$6 per item

(Whilst Stock Last & Only for orders received before :
9 May 2008 - 12noon)

Collection Points :
Kovan MRT Station
Near Bugis MRT Station

Remember to provide the Product Codes, Quantity, and
names/messages (if any) and send orders to :

Email :

Leave us your Name & Contact Number.

Thanks for supporting our MoneyTree's Team for
YESCOM's competition.

Martin Lee
H/P : +65-9641-8073

Young Entrepreneurs Secrets (S) Pte Ltd
... Developing Tomorrow's Financial Geniuses

Sunday, May 4, 2008

MoneyTree's Team - YESCOM 2008

Our MoneyTree's team comprises :
* Shazwi Suwandi (Team Leader) - 17 yrs (Jurong Junior College)
* Nwankpo Chibuzo (Joseph) - 17 yrs (Jurong Junior College)
* Jackson Yeo Jie Shen - 14 yrs (Boon Lay Secondary School)
* Karthik s/o Prathaban - 15 yrs (Riverside Secondary School)
* Abishek s/o Prathaban - 12 yrs (Si Ling Primary School)
* Grace Lee Chi Hui - 13 yrs (CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent)
* Alfred Lee Tze Liang - 10 yrs (Catholic High School)

They are graduate students of MoneyTree's Programme, run by
Young Entrepreneurs Secrets (S) Pte Ltd.

Their new Company : "MoneyTree Pte Ltd" - for this

Their Products :

(1) Recycled Bags :
We are Promoting Awareness of Environment Friendliness & going GREEN.

(2) Air Plants

These Air Plants are ideal Mother's Day and
Birthday's gifts , or simply as a thoughtful gift to your friends
and colleagues. For students, perhaps a gift to your teachers.

Note that the above are just samples of what we have done, and
each Air Plant would be different, depending on the stones, shells,
and other accessories that we have in stock.

Our YESCOM Competition's Grand Finale is on 6 July 2008
at HDB Hub @ Toa Payoh Central.

We are selling coupons for the event NOW, for that day.
And we are taking orders for the Air Plants for Mother's Day.

If you are interested, kindly send us your enquiry and orders.
(Email :

Air Plants are specially imported, limited stocks, and prices range
from S$5 to $25 with standard accessories.

Do support our MoneyTree's Team as they are applying the
business skills which they acquired in the boot camps in this
Competition and having the Entrepreneurship Spirit.


Martin Lee
H/P : 9641-8073